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Alumni Update: Storme Sen

After graduating from Pinehurst in 2008, Storme studied Law and Arts at the University of Auckland. She now works for AIA, Asia's largest life insurance company, as a Risk & Regulatory Compliance Manager.

"Pinehurst gave me a good education and taught me resilience. There were plenty of opportunities, community activities and competitions that the school participated in for you to get involved with. I would encourage you to throw your hat into the ring and try new things wherever possible. 

What makes you different is what makes you special. There will always be negative people who will try to put you down in life, but this is more a reflection of them than it is of you. Don't measure your self-worth by external opinions or material things. Focus on yourself and the people who support you, because success is the best revenge. And no matter what, always be kind, empathetic and treat people the way you would want to be treated."

Storme worked in Canada after she completed her degree and in the future hopes to work overseas again.