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Pinehurst aims to offer places to children who love learning and who are committed to making the most of their talents.

Admissions are highly sought after, and we strongly recommend parents apply for entry well in advance of when they’d like their child to join Pinehurst.

Application and Fees

We take into account a range of criteria when offering spaces to students, including the importance of maintaining an appropriately balanced and well-rounded school community.

International Students

Pinehurst welcomes International students as part of our school community. International students enhance the learning environment of our school and provide a valuable cultural student mix.


The Pinehurst Scholarship was established in order to ensure that all families had a way to send their children to our school. The Scholarship will pay for all tuition fees for up to 25 students, though we sometimes offer half Scholarships to enable us to offer support to more young people.


We run two Principal Tours each term for both our College and Primary Campuses.

Our College Tours cover Years 7-13, whilst our Primary Tours are for our new entrant children entering Year 0-1.

Laptop Programme

Over the past years, Pinehurst School has gradually introduced a BYOD (Bring Your Own Device) Programme. Laptops are compulsory for all students in Year 7 - 13 and available for all other year levels to purchase from our preferred supplier if they wish.

Contact our admissions office to book a personal tour