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Our Student Leaders

Pinehurst offers many opportunities for leadership, personal growth and development.

Our Senior Leaders are an important part of the school community, they motivate and encourage their younger peers to be the best they can be, provide a sense of safety, support and unity and as role models, uphold the highest standards at all times.

Introducing the 2019 Pinehurst School Leadership team:

Head Girl – Aimee Erskine

Head Boy - Devon Alexander

Deputy Head Girl – Arden Callagher

Deputy Head Boy – Felix Glover-Clark


Kauri House Captains – Isabella Abbott-Wheeler and Matthew O'Connor

Matai House Captains – Odette Miller-Hard and Dominic Van der Steeg

Rimu House Captains – Aimee Fletcher and Chantelle Baldwin

Totara House Captains – Claudia Goodacre and Subin Wui


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