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Aurora Liu


Lingyi (Aurora) Liu originally from Shanghai, China came to Pinehurst from Long Bay College. A friend recommended Pinehurst School to her, and straight away Aurora was excited by the extra-curricular opportunities Pinehurst offered and being able to enrich her learning by studying the Cambridge curriculum.

Pinehurst helped her to settle in with a homestay family, Aurora integrated well, quickly becoming part of the family and enjoying weekend activities and special occasions. One of these outings was a fishing trip, and at first, Aurora was apprehensive of the sea and being on a boat, but encouraged by her homestay family she was soon loving the experience – driving the boat herself and catching big fish!

Aurora likes Science, Maths and Basketball and plays both the piano and guitar, all of which have been supported in her schooling and home life. She hopes to go to a university in Australia in the future.