Senior College Sports

The Senior College promotes and actively participates in the College Sport Calendar. Students who wish to participate in any of the College Sport events should contact the Teacher/Person in Charge to express their interest in a sport or an event.


ABS College Sport Calendar

NZ Secondary School Sports Council Calendar

College Sport Auckland have a new app! Search 'College Sport Auckland' in the app store to download. This will make it easy enter results straight after games, view draws, locate venues, and receive notifications about the sports you're interested in.

Summary of Sports/Person in Charge/Season/Competition


Person in Charge



Athletics Warwick Fenton Term 1 & 4 AKSS, NZSS Competitions
Badminton Paul O'Connell Term 2 & 3 Badminton North Harbour Competition
Basketball Kelly Lindsay Term 2 & 3 Harbour Basketball Competition
Distance Running Biliana Kostova Term 1 - 4 NHSS, AKSS, NZSS Competitions
Equestrian Julie Koopen Term 1 -3 AKSS, NISS Competitions
Football Charlotte Murray Term 2 & 3 Girls NHSS Competition
Football Angus Goodrick Term 2 & 3 Boys NHSS Competition
Golf Stephen Geach Term  1 & 2 NHSS, AKSS Competitions
Gymsports Cyndie Augustin Term 2 & 3 AKSS Competition
Hockey Cherie Peters Term 2 & 3 Boys NHSS Competition
Hockey Cherie Peters Term 2 & 3 Girls NHSS Competition
Lacrosse TBC Term 3 & 4 Boys AKSS Competition
Lacrosse Kaye Griffiths Term 2 & 3 Girls AKSS Competition
Netball Marcia Hardcastle Term 2 & 3 NHSS, Netball North Harbour Competition
OrienteeringKaye GriffithsTerm 1,2 & 3NHSS, AKSS, NISS, NZSS Competitions
Swimming Vivien O'Connell Term 1 & 3 NHSS, AKSS, NISS Competitions
Table Tennis Patrick Ryoo Term 2 & 3 North Harbour Table Tennis Competition
Tennis Liz Daly Term 1, 3 & 4 Northern Tennis Competition
Touch Charlotte Murray Term 1 & 4 NHSS Competition & NZSS
Tri Series Cyndie Augustin Term 1 & 2 AKSS, NZSS Competitions
Volleyball Nicole Liu Term 1 & 4 NHSS Competition

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