Performing Arts - Music Tuition Registration Form 2016

Individual music lessons are available on a wide range of instruments through our itinerant music programme.

If you wish to register for more than one type of tuition, please register again with a new form.

Music Programme
Student Details
Fees and costs
Lessons are $32 a week (in 2016) and $34 a week (in 2017). Lessons are invoiced by the itinerant tutors a term in advance. Please pay the invoice promptly.
Parent/Legal Guardian/Fee payer must complete this section
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Student Agreement
I agree to:,
· be regular and punctual in attendance at lessons and to practice regularly,
· to bring my instrument to every lesson and take care of any instrument loaned to me by the school.,
· tell my music teacher at least 1 week in advance of any anticipated absence,
· contribute positively to the musical life of Pinehurst School through extracurricular music activities and ensembles (recommended by my teachers)
Parent Agreement
I agree to:,
· pay 1 Term’s fees in advance to the music teacher ,
· give the music teacher at least 1 week’s notice of any anticipated absence,
· ensure my child attends a minimum of 7 lessons per term ,
· notify the music teacher or the Music Director if my child is sick by 8am on the day of the lesson (lesson charges cannot be refunded for sickness),
· to support my child’s development through encouraging them to practice and facilitate their musical interest,
· contact the music teacher if I have any questions or concerns,
· to contact the Music Director if I have any concerns or positive feedback that will help build a stronger and more productive learning experience for my child,
· give written notice of termination of lessons to both teacher and Music Director at least 1 Term in advance.
Enrolment & Admissions

Enrolment & Admissions

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