Applying for Scholarships 2017

Applying for Scholarships 2017

How to find scholarships you are eligible to apply for

Look at the Breakout site.  
There is a subscription fee for this, but it is free to use on computers at Public Libraries. At the first screen select Tertiary award and once at the second screen will be asked a number of filtering questions. Once this is completed it will give you information on all the scholarships you are eligible to apply for. The best thing to do is to save all information to a word document rather than use the short list option within the website.

Look at the individual university websites for scholarship information including how to apply. For some you will need to apply for admission to the university before applying for the scholarship. You may well have found the scholarships you are interested in via Breakout, but it is worth checking. Remember you are applying for first year of an undergraduate degree.
Engineering (IPENZ Foundation)

Plus many more eg PwC, Russell McVeagh Law Scholarhsip, Quotanz (for girls), Keystone Trust, Kelliher Economics, Pie Funds (Fund Management)

Applying for a school reference

Many scholarships will require a reference from school. It is important that you do not ask individual teachers for these but apply through Mrs Griffiths. The process is as follows:

 Collect a reference application form from Mrs Griffiths or in the Career Centre.

Log into DreamCatcher and ensure any Extra Curricular Involvements and Work Experience Details you wish to have referred to are up to date.

On DreamCatcher go to Actions/Reference/My Reference, complete Part A only and click save which will send it to Mrs Griffiths. DO NOT select any teachers on DreamCatcher (Part B) as they will be contacted separately by Mrs Griffiths to complete a Google Form to provide comments about you.

Hand in the hard copy reference application form to Mrs Griffiths.

This process may take a few weeks so I suggest you apply in the next two weeks so there is time to complete the data collection before the holidays.


• Follow instructions carefully. View any help videos and read information sheets.
• Watch deadlines! Do not leave applying until the last possible moment or you may miss out.
• If the application is online and you are asked to nominate someone to write a school reference, please liaise with Mrs Griffiths as she will be able to tell you who should be nominated depending on the type of scholarship.

It is very important that you let Mrs Griffiths know you are applying for scholarships by completing the “Intention to apply” form so she can coordinate what is required from Pinehurst.


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