Career Events

  • A newsletter is sent to parents at the beginning of each term outlining some of the upcoming events.
  • The Pinehurst Careers Information Centre facebook Page will have the weekly careers notices as well as other posts of interest.
  • Events are also advertised on Dreamcatcher’s calendar with emails sent at the beginning of each week advertising events during the following fortnight.
  • Students must take personal responsibility especially in Year 12 and 13 for informing themselves of upcoming events.

This Career Services website has lots of information and interactive exercises to help with your decision making regarding future career pathways. If you have no ideas about what you would like to do try doing the Careerquest programme and see what comes up.

Breakout, the scholarships, awards and grants data base is available for students to use on the school computers for those students looking for financial help with their studies.  Log-in with your school password and access through your favourites or by Googling Breakout.


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